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Methinks you just are (a) fighting the previous war (against SPAM) (b) succumbing to glitzy fads (c) not paranoid enough about privacy...

I really fail to understand how one can hope to waste less time by replacing the one-point-of-contact that an email address is, with several - unless you have some way of unifying the interface to all the sites you're replacing email with.

Not to mention the loss of privacy. I see many comments about teens' concerns about how public their personal information has become thanks to Facebook -- I certainly would least expect adult and tech-savvy people jumping on board of that kind of train.

I cope with SPAM and other nonsense with mechanical filters à la Spamassassin. I cope with undesirable mail with another level of filtering -- who's not on my whitelist and passes SPAM filtering will still not get immediate attention. And I do not spend time jumping from Web site to Web site to get all my messages.

I did ask TPTB, a long time ago, if It could extend my day from 24 to 72 hours. Never had an answer. So I have to forget about many fads, some of which I would like to indulge in.

Even if you whois my email address, you'll still have little information about who I am. I like to keep my physical neighborhood and my bank accounts as secure as I possibly can. Social media do not help much in that respect.

All the best