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If they are "Doing It Wrong", then the criticizing teacher is then morally bound to create a new video, do the "teaching" right, and submit it to Kahn for evaluation as a replacement.


The disruptive environment of the internet makes all of this poppycock transparent. The controllers and monitors and control freaks of this world want the status quo. This is both on the data level and the metadata level.
IMHO, most of the official "learning research" has produced a mass of official curricula that fail to achieve the desired goal. That goal is individual, so it's refreshing to see a bunch of ad-hoc videos that have a clear educational goal, and cut straight to the chase.
There are many elements of education that this type of medium cannot achieve. MOST of them, it can. That is what is scaring the stuffings out of establishment types. What kind of a world would it be where hard knowledge and ability is learned thru such a medium?
A better one.

The status quo will remain due to inertia. The assumptions upon which the status quo are built, are being challenged.
Folks are already asking the question if a formal education is worthwhile and appropriate for their goals. Employers are starting to notice the lack of correlation between a particular degree and the ability to hit the ground running. Experience counts a lot more than education. That is a change from the status quo.
Being fair, a well rounded education involves both hard skills and soft skills. IMHO the formal structures that we have built miss the mark on both of these scores. Often hard skills given to students are either inapplicable to the real world, outmoded, or require retooling to match reality. Soft skills involving teamwork and leadership miss the mark as well. Place an applicant from college before me against an applicant with a military training background, and I can tell right off what the odds of finding the leader are.
I would venture to guess that the soft skills can never be conveyed by a web site, as they are active engagement training issues. I would argue that the hard skills CAN be mastered thru web training. That is happening every day with college grads who get into their jobs and begin to understand how much they have yet to learn.