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Hi! I'm Michelle Leonhart, a Los Angeles-based software engineer. When not coding for work or fun, you can find me co-running the hackerspace CRASH Space: a non-profit organization aimed at the proliferation of STEAM* education, which I feel very passionate about.

In the past, I've worked with the MythBusters on the Discovery Channel, lectured at the university level, coached an all-girls FIRST Robotics team, and designed and taught a number of classes in programming and electronics to children and adults. I enjoy writing code, designing new systems, thinking of and building new inventions to make life easier, and encouraging little girls to tell anybody who says engineering isn't cool to go kick rocks.

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The stride measurement is calculated as the distance between the initial location of a single foot and the final location of that same foot after a single step. I think your confusion is because in the image, the front portion of the hamster's right paw is coincidentally near what was the final location of the back of the hamster's rear paw, which is the paw being measured in the image.