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Bob Monroe grew up in Southern California before he joined the U.S. Army in 1985. One of Bob's first military assignments introduced him to the world of hacking. His prankster ways ended abruptly in 1996 when he was almost caught hacking by an eighty-two year old librarian. This incident led to a renewed interest in cyber security, as a good guy. Since then, he has written several articles for publication and maintains a passion for digital security. Bob holds a Master of Science in Information Assurance from Norwich University. He has just entered a PhD program in Cyber Security at the University of Hawaii.

Bob's specialty is digital security teaching and awareness training. Along with work for the U.S. Army, he has taught security classes for the Veterans Administration, Military District of Washington, Commandant of the Marine Corp and staff, as well as countless others across the world. He holds a U.S. Patent for airport security automation technology that combines radar and thermal imaging to protect aircraft movement areas and the surrounding airspace. This patent does not impress the TSA folks at all and usually gives them a reason to strip search him instead.

Bob works with the Institute for Security and Open Methodologies ( and Hacker High School as an editor and writer. Both organizations are non-profit, with the mission of teaching computer security methods across a global audience. In his spare time, Bob makes children's toys in his small woodshop. He still has all nine fingers, too. Oops, make that seven fingers.

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