Moriel Schottlender

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San Francisco

Moriel is a physicist-turned Software Engineer who speaks and thinks right-to-left. She earned a B.Sc in Physics from City College of New York in 2011, with her research focused on “modeling the kinematic equation of a loosely bound spring bouncing down an inclined plane”, or, in plain English, finding the equation of the Slinky. After working for the American Institute of Physics, she continued to graduate school to earn her Masters in Computer Science from the New York Institute of Technology in 2014. Continuing her passion for science outreach, she has published a paper about Backtracking algorithms in Sudoku solvers (DOI: 10.1109/LISAT.2014.6845190) and developed an open source Web-based system for simulating astronomical systems ( In 2013, she joined the Wikimedia Foundation as a Google Summer of Code intern, focusing on developing tools that enable right-to-left language support in their visual editor. She stayed, and is currently working in Wikimedia’s Collaboration team, creating great Web interfaces that make right-to-left speakers happy.

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