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As you can read on their official blog:
"We want to stress out the fact that Mandriva has not been bought by anybody."

Plus, you only mention the Linux-as-a-product oriented OpenSource companies, what about those that make web frameworks and other software? :) What about the Apache Foundation for example, RedHat also makes lots of quid with their JBoss division, VMware has SpringSource, Google has a ton of OpenSource projects, Cloudera is going great with Hadoop, Vyatta is a strong OpenSource competitor to Cisco, etc etc..

Even Microsoft is starting to OpenSource stuff piece by piece, I think that that's a strong sign of things to come.

Clicked on the survey 1-2, now to explain my voting.

My first firend, didn't left Facebook out of privacy concerns, but out of self-distraction and no productivity. She deleted her account because she was spending way too much time on Facebook, and when the session ended she didn't passed not one exam. The day the results were released she deleted her account out of anger. She couldn't control herself and didn't managed her time well, and she didn't studied as she did the previous semesters.

Another example is a friend of mine who deleted his account because of privacy concerns, but made a new one after a week. Why? Because lot of people use Facebook, and he had to keep in touch with them, and it turned out that Facebook was the only way (or the only efficient way). So, he made a new account, disabling the wall and everything he could, and made several groups in which all his contacts were, and via the privacy settings he made almost everything private and visible only to the one of the groups he made. He uses it only for fb-chat and fb-messaging now, which he needed.