Nadiia Nykolaichuk

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Nadiia Nykolaichuk, also known as Nadine, started her journey with Drupal in 2015. As she was taking her first steps in Drupal copywriting, she fell in love with the main “hero” of her own articles and strived to inspire the readers to love Drupal too!

With time, her Drupal content has become more insightful, with valuable step-by-step guides to building great things on Drupal websites. Nadine’s posts have been repeatedly shared by industry leaders. Her fast-growing technical skills and understanding of Drupal allowed her to venture beyond the role of copywriter by putting her theoretical knowledge into practice as a site builder for projects at ImageX. She loves combining these two skillsets.

Nadine is an active member of the Drupal community. She contributes to with module documentation guides and loves to attend Drupal events.

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