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>> When fewer than 2% of commits are coming from women, strong contributors are being left on the sidelines.... By not engaging women in open source projects teams are leaving 20% of professional developers unengaged. You can’t assure yourself that you’ve attracted the best engineering talent to your project if you’re looking at having less than a handful of women contributing.

This blantant PeeCee drivel isn't even close to logical or true. Seriously if you want to be a developer you'd better have a better handle on logic than this.

If most women aren't doing tech because they simply dont want to, (for example, they have no tech ability or aren't interested in a tech job), then they would never be a good contributor even if you forced them into working as a developer.

You're also making the assumption that the number of positions for developers is infinite, which is patently false.
Assuming the finite number of jobs is already filled with even only average contributors and you did something to force gender equality of developer jobs:
Even assuming incoming numbers of relatively less experienced women could immediately contribute as much as relatively more experienced outgoing men, just switching the genders of those in working positions would have no impact either way on overall levels of contributions.

We already accept that men and women aren't biologically or mentally identical. It is also no surprise that different genders tend to do and prefer different things, and that's OK too. ...So can anyone explain to me why most women choosing to not be software developers is apparently a "problem" that "we" need to address?