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I agree with Don Watkins. This caused me no end of gas. If would have this, would have saved me weeks of pain. For many years I have used an ancient
Fedora Core release 4 system as a wireless router. It works but getting it working was indistinguishable from magic. Now armed with this knowledge,I can start off being more informed and can upgrade this dinosaur. Kudos and Much thanks.

Excellent article. I got frustrated long ago and did something similar on an old Fedora Core release 4 box. I was amazed at how functional it was. Been running it for about 10 years. However, I will need to break down and upgrade the thing. As it's kind of a AC power hog and uses standard IDE drives. Life span of IDE drives being what it is, It's time. Redoing the setup will feel like the death of a beloved pet. The article was great as I can see where I need to go. Great work guys! Thanks for the motivation.