Michael Conrad

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My DeLorean runs Perl

After people get over seeing a DeLorean driving down the street, their next surprise is that it has an in-dash computer written in Perl.

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"simpler to use" is a bit subjective ;-) I'm well aware that Wayland is the path to the future, especially after diving into the horrors of the internals of xlib. For me, GLX was "simpler to use" because I'd already written the display setup code back in 2008 and I just wrapped a perl module around that. In order to switch to Wayland I'll first need to switch my laptop to Wayland to do my development on, then learn all the EGL APIs and wrap those up into a perl module, and then change a bunch of packages in my embedded image. I also haven't found an equivalent Wayland testing tool like X11's Xephyr; I'm working on making the dashboard into a window manager, and it's awkward if I need a dedicated box with monitor to test this.