Nikhil Sukul

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Pune, India

Drupal Architect at Faichi Solutions Pvt Ltd

Nikhil is an open source enthusiast and contributor to Drupal and its community. He has an overall software experience of 17+ years and has been active in Drupal space since last 9 years. He recently contributed to projects like Two Factor Authentication , Exclude Node Title and AIML Parser.

Apart from working as Drupal architect he also has proactively been helping the internal team learn Drupal 8 and drive them to become Acquia Certified Drupal Developers.

Nikhil has also been a speaker in various Drupal events including:

DrupalCon Asia 2016 for the session on Drupal And Isomorphic Javascript (…)
DrupalCamp London 2016 for the sessions on Drupal 8 with Cache and Bigpipe (…) And Automating Drupal Migration (

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Hi Askfor,

I totally agree with you and we all know that Flash is still there and people are still using ActionScript, but for future, we should move to HTML-5. For existing Flash projects, if you search online you will find online tools to do Flash to HTML-5 conversions. There is an open source initiative by Mozilla. Have can have a look…