Nouhoun Y. Diarra

Authored Comments

One size-fits-all approach is appealing as an education system. It is easier to implement it when the society in general is less divided on the vision it has for future generations and on moral values.
Now, how to make it happen in a society where there is an ever increasing divide between people on what are basic values and what are not? At least the size of what can be considered as basic values is shrinking as social groups are ideologically opposed as they are radicalized.
Could we at least agree that kids need creativity, autonomy, unconditional love and critical thinking?
Yes, certainly. However the biggest challenge seems to be somewhere else. The content and the methods to teach children those skills is where all the controversies start. Maybe a system based on compromise will be more efficacious than a clutter of different and opposing systems and even far better than a minimalistic consensus.

Hum...that sounds like a good springboard for the development of Open Textbooks. Hopefully professors and other authors will seize the opportunity to increase college students access to textbooks.