Authored Comments

Over the years I've come to really love systemd. I do remember being a little annoyed that first year, when learning the new way of doing things. enable, start, stop, restart, reload, mask(?!!!) but the patterns of standardisation started to make themselves clear and then when I dug a bit deeper found I could easily write my own units and integrate software into the ecosystem. hey this is cool.

The complaints about journald using binary log files seemed a little scary at first but then when I became familiar with journalctl those concerns also slipped away. My one remaining complaint with journalctl is that I can't exclude units or patterns that are spamming the logs, without resorting to 'grep -v' or something of that nature. something like journalctl -X /regex/ would make me very happy in those instances.

Your command to list directories to .gitignore ignores directories with spaces. Something like this might be better `\ls -1d ~/*/` but haven't experimented with the result in .gitignore. Obviously not a huge issue :)

I like the concept, and for your setup (one desktop and one laptop) this might make it worthwhile.

I have been toying with using a similar approach for keeping .bashrc, .bash_profile, ~/.bashrc.d/, in sync though. And use a script to hardlink or symlink those files/dirs into $HOME. Some good ideas here though, thanks for the article.