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Fedor Kolomeyko graduated from technical university, finished graduate school. He has wide experience in scientific organization. Now he works as a head of the programmers team in the field of databases and GIS. He is a developer of OpenWebGIS. It is an open source Geographic information system.

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Thank you for feedback. The goal of OpenWebGIS developing is to create a free and open system which will be a web based GIS, similar in functionality to full-functionality (universal) desktop GIS.

Thank you for your opinion. May be you are right. The variants for the new interface is developing. You can test one of them by clicking the "New Interface" button. After clicking on the menu item "Interface->Switch to interface drag" you can move the elements to any convenient place for you. Then you can save the most suitable interface configuration using the menu item "Interface->Save Interface", then next time you work on your computer OpenWebGIS will boot it directly in your saved Interface. You can always restore the default interface using the menu item "Interface->Set default interface". Also after pressing the button "edit color" you can change the color of the main elements of the interface. Please read articles about it: "Developing the new interface design of OpenWebGIS " (http://openwebgisystem.blogspot.com/2016/02/developing-new-interface-de…) or New and old interface of OpenWebGIS (http://openwebgis.livejournal.com/9902.html) or see video about it https://youtu.be/Bpcbp5lmTnE