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Bruce Momjian co-founded in 1996 the PostgreSQL community Global Development Group, the organization of volunteers that steers the development and release of the PostgreSQL open source database. Bruce played a key role in organizing like-minded database professionals to shepherd PostgreSQL from an abandoned academic project into a commercially viable, now enterprise-class relational database. He dedicates the bulk of his time organizing, educating and evangelizing within the open source database community while acting as Senior Database Architect for EnterpriseDB. Bruce began his career as a high school math and computer science teacher. After leaving high school education, Bruce worked for more than a decade as a database consultant building specialized applications for law firms. He then went on to work for the PostgreSQL community with the support of several private companies before joining EnterpriseDB in 2006. Bruce holds a master’s degree from Arcadia University and earned his bachelor’s degree at Columbia University.

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