Papo Anaya

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Thanks for the information. I have a 2011 MacBook Pro that has been "sunset" by Apple in which I know that I'm going to have the OS replaced. I have not reached the point in which I am having certificate problems in Safari probably because I am on Firefox most of the time. At least this handy guide let's me know that it's doable.

> Emacs is also really great as a windowing interface for users remotely logging in over a text terminal interface.

I second that. Even in today's world of GUI based IDEs, there are many times in which you only have a terminal when you are supporting a client remotely. I can troubleshoot things while having a view of the configuration or source code in view using eshell or compare files from two different locations using TRAMP mode (I hate the term but that's how's called).

I have been using Emacs user since my professor made me use it back at school (version 18 if memory serves me well).