Pardha Kaikala

Authored Comments

In view of COVID-19 out-break, thought to have an app that keep track of the unique mobile devices that are in the near field of less than 10mts.

How it helps to track the chain
For example you are a charity member / a citizen providing support for the needy; you many connect to people and you don't know how their health is going to be after 10days. By installing this app on all mobiles it keeps track of unique-mobile ids that are surrounded by you in less than 10mts.

The App automatically scans frequently and captures the surrounding mobile ids. The captured information is stored in mobile and synced to central database; data is stored for a period of 21days.

If member(A) of this app is tested with COVID +ve; he / his close member submit his status in the app; it will trigger the notification to all other community members with whom (B) he have connected in past 20days. Those who got the notification has to be self quarantine for few days to be safe for your family and rest of the community. If member (B) also +ve then it will send notification to his connected devices.

We only track the MAC address of the two open connect mobiles and stored in our database.

This is to track Open-connected people (Social connected) and not for Close connected like your family members staying in a single home

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