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I used Rexx on an IBM mainframe a little over 30 years ago. One of the editors we used was Xedit. There was a PC variant of Xedit called Kedit. I still use that editor today. Its macro language was a subset of Rexx they called Kexx. An awesome scripting language.

Kedit was from Mansfield Software and they sold it up until last year (2021) I think.

I have a Dell Latitude for work and a USB-C docking station. It has extra USB ports like ours does and three video ports. Two are Display Ports and one is HDMI. I run two Dell 27" monitors using the docking station. If want to open the laptop and use a smaller third screen I can, but don't normally do that. I also have an external webcam attached to the docking station.

My work laptop is running Windows 10 and the docking station works well. I've also attached my home laptop running Ubuntu 22.04 LTS and it also seems to work.

This particular docking station works really well for me, but is pretty darn expensive. Direct from Dell it's $180 and there are others for $300+. Yikes!