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I am an avid Maker, Hacker, and Researcher. I teach my kids to hack, pick locks, look things up, and question authority. I'm also the co-founder of ISECOM ( and as Managing Director am directly involved in all ISECOM projects. In 2000, I created the OSSTMM ( for security testing and analysis. I am still the lead developer of the OSSTMM but have also lead the organization into new research challenges like Smarter Safer Better (, the Bad People Project (, Hacker Highschool ( and the Home Security Methodology ( My strong interest in the properties of trust and how it affects us and our lives has led to developing trust metrics and through that have brought ISECOM more deeply into Human Security.

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How open source found me

This isn't a story about me finding open source—this is about how open source chose me. What I knew about open source back then was Linux and everything GNU. Many of the tools…

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Thanks! Secrets seem to be the norm in the world today. So far no backlash but it can happen at any time.

There's no denying it! Everything from playing as kids to choosing a partner to build your life with, it's all collaboration. Many companies deny it but they wouldn't exist if they didn't have the collaboration of all those workers!