Aleksandar Todorović

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Aleksandar Todorović
Brčko, Bosnia & Herzegovina

I'm a part of the tech department for an awesome investigative journalism network called OCCRP. I'm really passionate about open source software, artificial intelligence and information security. My open source contributions are now merged with projects like reddit, elementary OS and the Tor Project. I'm running a personal blog where I share my personal stories. You can connect with me on Twitter: @r3bl_.

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How many articles do you have on your site? Do you find Jekyll under-performing when dealing with the larger number of articles?

I'm asking this because, in my case, on my site with ~200 articles, it takes approximately 4.5 seconds to regenerate the site on my local machine. Hugo (, the other static site generator that I found, proved to be much much faster (on the same sample rate, Hugo takes 0.4 seconds to regenerate a site).

6/10, I have to try the rest of them too! BackBox seems quite interesting.