I am part of the amazing Red Hat Developers Program and lead the Agile Transformation as the Principal Agile Coach. Our goal is to provide tools that make it easier for developers to succeed in their everyday endeavours, right from planning to production. Be sure to checkout developers.redhat.com to explore our products and our latest service OpenShift.io that allows all developers to plan, develop, test, build and deploy to production just from the web browser.

We are a group of around 250 developers, living in 16 plus countries and spread across 6 plus timezones. We are practising and learning Scaled Agile as we work and collaborate in this highly distributed fashion. We have successfully been able to achieve 'Continuous Delivery' wherein we have teams merging code to the production almost every day. As all of our projects are Opensource you can view our work on Github. For example github.com/openshiftio/openshift.io and github.com/eclipse/che

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Analytics: Charts and Graphs

Metrics can tell you some things, but not the most important things about how your products and teams are doing.
Arrows pointing different directions

Traditional and agile planning differ in significant ways. Before you make the leap to agile, make sure you understand how it's distinct from what you're used to.

By asking teams to assess how aligned they are to the agile principles, we unlocked their ability to improve and grow.