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Stefano Maffulli is Director of Cloud and Community at DreamHost. Previously, Stefano served as the Community Manager for the OpenStack Foundation. He built his career around Free Software and open source: from pre-sales engineer and product manager at Italian GNU/Linux distribution MadeInLinux to Italian Chancellor of the Free Software Foundation Europe, where he also created the FSFE Fellowship participation program. Later as community manager of leading mobile open source sync solution Funambol, his efforts boosted downloads and bolstered enterprise contributions. For Twitter, he led efforts to expand in the Italian market. In his spare time, he builds furniture and is learning how to sail in the San Francisco Bay.

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The articles I linked from the post have benchmarks and more details. The gist of it is: the gains in speed and bandwidth depend a lot on how brotli is used.

OIN's focus is only on 'Linux' system and they defined fairly well what that means on their site
they don't have to prove anything for the Java mess