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Ronnie Cheng is a founder of CodeDoor, a marketplace for freelance programmers that have contributed to open source. Prior to that, he worked at Facebook and Samasource, a social enterprise that connects people living in poverty with life-changing work opportunities via the Internet. He is a graduate of Columbia University, where he majored in Computer Science and minored in Economics.

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I agree that it would be better to support all repositories automatically, but the manual verification for other repositories has worked reasonably well for now. You can add your ohloh account to your CodeDoor profile.


Ohloh is a great site, but it is not geared towards finding freelance work. You don't know if the users on the site freelance, or what rates they are charging.

Yes, there are other ways to contribute to open source, but CodeDoor is specific in the value it is trying to provide. After it grows bigger, perhaps there would be a good way to reward people who contribute to open source in other ways.


Right now, if you've contributed to a major repo not on Github, you just send an email to, and then I add you after doing a manual verification.