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Hi, snake-oil salesman here.

I'm not sure how this landed in my news feed and there's probably a whole lot of context I'm missing, but alas, I thought I chime in.

You're making some rather large statements. I do appreciate that you don't have all the time in the world to refine your argument. So let me also address it very broadly.

I'll agree that there are a lot of bad implementations of Scrum out there. Much like there are tons of projects that don't respect "the tenets of the open development method".

But that's beside the point. You're comparing a methodology that focuses on customer value to one that focus on code quality. Again, I don't have enough context into the open source world (this is my first time in this site, actually), but my inner-Freud tells me that throughout your many projects you might have seen tons of Agile Coaches. Mostly bad ones, it sounds like. That might have made you bitter towards Agile.

Scrum is not the silver bullet for anything and there are certainly environments where it doesn't apply. But I would like to ask you to reconsider your opinion on Scrum. Maybe you've got some friends colleagues who have worked on a 'good' Scrum team?