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Rushabh is the founder of ERPNext an Open Source ERP product for Small and Medium Sized Businesses and loves writing code in Python, Javascript and HTML/CSS. He lives in Mumbai, India and you can find him on Twitter @rushabh_mehta. Projects at GitHub

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David, ERPNext is also built on a bootstrap based framework. Its called "Frappe" When we started off, there was no standard framework like Django so we had to build it with our own. Considering the amount of work that has already gone in, it is a very difficult switch now.

Bilas, you will be surprised how many companies need an ERP and don't need advanced MES and routing. ERPNext does have a planning system though. The goal is to make ERPNext accessible to everyone and those who can only pay big money. You should checkout some of stories shared by the users ( to get a better idea.