Juan Manuel

Authored Comments

Being in an account, since more than a year old, a few questions are answered. And, among other things, the comments received are in the style of: "You, can't answer yet". Although there are people who some of the things is useful for them and vote positively. But other people vote in a negative way without reason.

And when asked to stop giving negative votes without meaning, users who have more reputation within the site and which should will show a example of good behave, they do not. Instead, they look for the answers and vote them as negative. Which, makes the reputation points obtained (to be a user "acceptable") go down until the profile is automatically blocked for "problems".

And those things are not seen by the moderators? If the same people who do that, are the ones who have more reputation and generate that sick behavior. Using as an excuse that: "They are following the rules", without reasoning what they are told. So, it's not following the rules. They are doing it on purpose.

The technology industry needs to improve to encourage people to ask for help and teach that nobody knows everything.

"Perfect", is the enemy of the useful.