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Ray is a Community Manager at PingCAP where he is helping to grow the TiDB community. Prior to PingCAP, Ray managed open source communities at Cube Dev, GitLab and the Linux Foundation. He has over 15 years of experience in the high-tech industry in roles ranging from software engineer, product manager, program manager, and team lead at companies such as EDS, Intel, and Medallia. Ray lives in Sunnyvale, CA with his wife and daughter and all three are loyal season ticket holders of the San Jose Earthquakes soccer team. Previously Ray spoke at CHAOSScon, Community Leadership Summit, FOSDEM, GitLab Commit, and Open Source Summit.

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Not sure why a contributor will not capture any personal value from the work. Maybe I don't understand the term, but if the contribution is public would the work done on the Enterprise edition be less valuable vs. any contribution they made on the Community edition?

Another point is that not all "open core" software has an upstream community. This is the case even for GitLab that has gone beyond being a simple SCM tool.

Yes, we (Cube Dev) definitely do not consider ourselves open core and we're differentiating with "compute resources" per your article above.

Naturally, there are concerns when you launch a commercial offering after starting out as an open source project as you're not 100% sure how the community will respond. Fortunately, the response has been very supportive and we hope that continues :-) Although our infrastructure/cloud services related code is not open source, the community hasn't raised concerns as long as our core analytics software is open source.