Dale Drummond

Authored Comments

Excellent article! I am working on defining the documentation process for my office. One of the items that consistently comes up is that while no one particularly likes doing documentation in the wiki, everyone wants the documentation in the wiki. I'm not sure if it's due to believing that the wiki is the best place for documentation or other companies have a wiki so we should too. I prefer a markup/down language that can be output in a variety of formats, LaTeX (my current favorite), PDF, HTML, and even wiki markup if needed. Getting other folks on board with that strategy is the current hurdle. Articles like this help quite a bit in my push for a better documentation solution.

Having used the TSA's "Security Checkpoint Wait" website to find the average wait times for my particular departure airport, having the ability to update the actual wait times compared to the average wait times and making that information available in an App sounds like a great idea. I'll be downloading this App and giving it a try on my next flight.