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Waukee, IA

Russ Goerend is a sixth grade language arts teacher in Waukee, Iowa. Currently in his third year teaching, he works to make his classroom as authentic as possible for his students. When not consumed by teaching, he is part of a family of educators, as his wife (@MrsBMG), sister (@jmgoerend) and two brothers-in-law (@mctownsley and @erictownsley) are all involved in helping people who want to learn reach their goals.

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Adventures in copyright

A few events took place that affirmed for me that pushing forward with the agenda to rid our room of copyright violations and plagiarism is the right course of action. I'll…

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I'm still wrapping my head around all of the ideas and conversation here.

I shared the link to this post with all my students on Edmodo, but I haven't heard any of them talking about it.

Once I wrap my head around this, I'll stop back and share.

@C. Whitman and EricSt

Thank you for the help.