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Good article...

How would one remotely manage Cockpit on devices at home ( i.e., behind firewall, private IPs only) ?

Hi Ken,

This looks dramatically useful, from both the conceptual and updated scripts POV!

I am not a dev ( just a product manager type), but my dev is looking to code remote permissions for RPi like home user TV Amlogic ARM boxes that originally run Android, but can be SD booted with a Kodi JeOS like coreelec.

The task is to turn device applications ( Kodi, VLC, wlan0) on/off via device specific server DB quotas. One problem is devices behind home routers/ FWs, and thus the need for ansible-pull.

My assumption is that Ansible here can do the job, as opposed to configuring https restAPI for automated permissions; and configuring reverse SSH for multiple devices for remote admin login to specific devices.
That is, Ansible should have these modules built in ?

In any case, your structure and code should be helpful ...will be in touch !