Authored Comments

I started with Amdahl UTS (Unix) on Mainframe, then a colleague introduced me to Minix which was intended as an OS tutorial and was not really usable. There was BSD but it demanded very expensive Multiple CPU PC hardware and there was only one colleague who had the hardware at home to run BSD.
About the same time, the first Linux kernel was put up for ftp and I installed it on an old Toshiba laptop with 2 floppy disks that was Amdahl issued.
When Windows 95 was the main OS on PC's, I switched to Linux only on the new corporate laptop with a hard drive and my home PC, using Sun's Wabi to run Microsoft WFW.
At work Citrix Winframe for Linux, Cisco VPN client for Linux allowed me to do all work related tasks along with Lotus Notes under Wine for email and StarOffice for the MS Office work.
I developed an email server for Europe using Linux on a SPARC system.
Patched, built a Linux kernel for a customer's IBM Mainframe.
With Linux on the corporate laptop I was able to teach engineers using the hardware they were going to use for labs rather than the out of date hard copies, being able to display and work remote on multiple domains on our PrimePower SPARC servers. Linux with CTRL-F[2-11]. Also great for use on bring up/maintenance of customers' Sun and Amdahl SPARC systems and troubleshooting Mainframe networking problems.
Been the rounds of early distros -- MCC interim, Slackware, SCO, RedHat, SuSE before settling on openSUSE. Currently run Ubuntu on ARM as most SBC producers only seem to know Ubuntu, openSUSE Tumbleweed, Leap 53 and Ubuntu x86_64 on 6 PC's.