Authored Comments

All studies you've cited are basically observations by mostly empirical observers - outside lookers on. And yet what they all point to is an inner requirement of life - of all organisms - discovered by many biophysicists like Mae Wan Ho pointing to this inner coherence guided by value dynamics/vibrations that we all feel, know by our own inner experience of what we know as "good" and here we find definitions of "good" are as varied as there are individual entities. So why do we find in Open Source , Open Space processes that some form of "good " emerges" and draws people to being their own best "good" they can be if given the space and opportunity to do so? I submit it is because of the inherent desire to create - to be challenged by ones own inner autonomous drive to express self uniquely and in so doing find meaning - quality is part of that meaning - random acts of expression may provide little except distraction for a moment, but leave one feeling rather empty if that's all that occurs. It is not competition, pushing against others to "win" necessarily although there is an element of such as we work collaboratively to get the "best" solutions harmonizing what the greatest number of best efforts can bring into coherence. Complexity theory falls short also in explaining this process because it often relies on belief in "cause and effect" do this and get that steps in bringing about solutions for life and life has quite other ways of functioning. Check out movie In Search of Bobby Fisher to see the effects of competition without the higher values of meaning and diversity.