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London, UK

I've been professionally involved with open source since 2006, when I joined Canonical with a mission to develop Ubuntu as a platform and to create an open source business. I've led a range of efforts including creating Canonical’s corporate business, developing Ubuntu as a popular cloud and server platform, and enabling the growth of the business to 800 people across 40 countries.

Before working in open source I was part of various Internet companies during the commercialisation boom ("the dot com boom"). That sparked my interest in open source as we found that it was better and cheaper than other solutions.

I started my career as technologist developing, deploying and administering systems. A lot of my personal time is still focused on technology and playing around with new areas. These days my professional time is focused on managing businesses and people. I’m generally interested in business, management and marketing. I’d love to talk to you about anything from Python to how government can encourage technology entrepreneurship.

If you'd like to know more see my personal site

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Marcin - thanks for the comment. Totally agree that we should interpret "open source" to mean the values/practises so we can apply many of those attributes to other ways of "open working". Crowd-sourcing and co-creation are really interesting, hadn't heard of this platform, thanks for the link!