Authored Comments

On MacOS Catalina in the Terminal window command line...
$ gmailcfg download
doesn't download into ~/.gmailctl/config.jsonnet
but list the filters on the terminal window. What have I forgotten to do?
When the output is modified in a text editor (much easier than in Gmail filter)...
and saved as ~/.gmailctl/config.jsonnet
it can be tested, diffed, and applied as in the article
I have many more filters (accumulated over time) that your 109, and needed a good "spring cleaning".

I've now realised that to DOWNLOAD the command is
$ gmailctl download ~/.gmailctl/config.jsonnet
(as shown in the example in the article)
and for gmailctl EDIT to work (with e.g. the Brackets editor) you need to
export EDITOR=brackets
otherwise one gets a nasty GO error traceback...
and wait for gmailctl edit (in the terminal window) to complete.