Sean P. Goggins (Dr.)

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Not Pictured: Professor Doctor Sean P. Goggins
Columbia, MO

Sean is a Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Missouri, where his research foci are open source software and human-centered data science. Sean is a founding member of the Linux Foundation’s working group on community health analytics for open source software CHAOSS. His work is funded by the National Science Foundation, the Sloan Foundation, the Ford Foundation, Mozilla, the US Department of Education, and the US Navy’s Office of Naval Research.

Sean is also the creator of the Data Science and Analytics Masters program at Missouri, from 2013-2018. Sean’s publications focus on understanding how social technologies influence organizational, small group and community dynamics, typically including analysis of electronic trace data from systems combined with the perspectives of people whose behavior is traced. He lives in Columbia, MO with his wife Kate, two daughters and a dog named Huckleberry.

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