Authored Comments

Nice article. I am always happy to see more laptops shipping with GNU/Linux on them. I'm finding out more and more that the average Joe doesn't want to be tasked with installing an operating system, so I think this could really help with marketshare.

Also commenting to let you know that there are several series of ThinkPads, so you should really denote which one you were talking about. In this case it was the T series, so it would be T460s and T450s. At this time the X series are generally 12", the W series generally 15", and the T series 14" or 15" (the first number in the more recent models is the size, by the way), so we can guess that you meant it was a T series (and also see it is by the link), but I think you should add on the T to make this easier on the read.

I also noticed some sort of error here, " I noticed the native Intel video drivers for Ubuntu 16.04 the XP 13 screen suffered from random flickers..."

I can't quite tell what you were going for, but the sentence stops making sense after "16.04" if read as-is. Maybe you meant to say "I noticed with the native Intel video..." at the start, as that would fix it.

Lots of problems with the list.. Defaults probably aren't worth mentioning, and if they are mentioned they should be combined into one entry. Same goes for the dropdown terminals.

Terminator was a solid mention, and xterm could _probably_ be considered separate from all the default DE terminals, although I don't know if it should be on the list at all. Shocked and disappointed to see urxvt (rxvt-unicode) not on the list. I feel like it's where most power users end up. I've also heard of Termite being fairly adored.