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I lead the development of OpenSpecimen at Krishagni Solutions (India). Before starting Krishagni in 2009, I have  been working with clinical research centers across the globe helping them develop applications to manage clinical data. Currently I eat, sleep and drink OpenSpecimen, and dream about making it a truly world class open source biobanking informatics platform.

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The comments are deplorable. All great products were crappy sometime. As long as you have users and you are listening to them, nothing else should matter. Keep up the good job Rushabh.

How much you can expect from the community also depends on the size of the community. Typical niche products wont have tech savvy community members who contribute to graphics design, UX layout, and sometime even code. They will be more than willing to contribute ideas, feedback, take part in UX testing, etc.

It might be an open source product but for the developer it is still his/her business. You cannot wait and hope for some community member to contribute. Hiring a professional designer and getting community feedback is the more practical thing to do.

That is what works for us too.