Scott Tattersall

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Business owner, Entrepeneur, technologist

I've spent the last 15 years working with the latest technologies and in both my own start-up companies, SMEs and large publicly traded companies. My previous software company for which I was both co-founder and C.T.O. was acquired in 2015 and since then I've been working with the latest technologies such as advanced Machine Learning (e.g. Google's Tensorflow), Computer vision (e.g. OpenCV), IoT (e.g. Arduino, RPi) and Crypto-currencies (e.g. BitCoin, Ethereum).

I mix knowledge of the latest technologies (Blockchain, Docker, etc) with deep experience on traditional and modern databases (Relational, Non-relational, document store, column databases, etc) and cloud deployment, architecture and infrastructure (Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, etc)

I currently work as a freelance software consultant (<a href="">Data Dock Consulantancy</a>)

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Hi Heiko,
Thanks! I like the Fritzing software and used initially for laying out the board in a smaller and neater package but found the power of Eagle for custom PCB design, coupled with the wide availability of libraries for many parts and the extensive tutorials made it the right choice for the final PCB designs.

I think the transition from breadboarding to first prototype is the perfect fit for Fritzing personally (especially as it allows you to see a "breadboard" view), but when dealing with writing custom footprints and fine control over PCB routing and layout I found Eagle to be a very complete package.