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I am a technical executive, a founder, a consultant, a writer, an international business person, a systems developer, a software construction geek, and a standards diplomat. I love to build teams and products that make customers ecstatic. I have worked in the IT industry since 1980 as both customer and vendor. I have been a Distinguished Technologist at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and a consultant working for Docker. I'm a principal program manager in the Microsoft Azure engineering team.

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Your technique is sound: Encourage individuals to be introspective along structured lines, to see the similarities in others in their functional group, and then understand the differences to other groups and communications styles that will work. It even allows that next step of understanding how to strengthen the group itself through diverse perspectives.

The problem is (as pointed out by Dr. Oblivion) only that the particular framework you're using is actually proved to have no basis in pyschology. So your technique is solid, but easy to critique by folks that don't want to participate for one of the tools you're using. I don't have a better suggestion for a framework, but it would be interesting to find one.

I understand. I hesitated to use "meme" when writing the post. But memes start somewhere, so I thought I would right it from a point of wishful thinking, that these ideas were widely understood and taught such that we stop re-inventing what we've already learned.