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Steve is a dedicated IT professional and Linux advocate. Prior to joining Red Hat, he spent several years in financial, automotive, and movie industries. Steve currently works for Red Hat as an Architect in the Solutions and Technology Practice. He has certifications ranging from the RHCA (in DevOps), to Ansible, to Containerized Applications and more. He spends a lot of time discussing technology and writing tutorials on various technical subjects with friends, family, and anyone who is interested in listening.
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what specifically are you having problems with?

Really there is no reason not to run things in a VM. VMs isolate the application from a host failure if configured for failover. They also help to 'sandbox' functionality much the same way (although arguably more securely) as containers.

VMs are capable of greater uptime than a single physical device (broadly speaking) because of the ability to have failover and storage redundancy.

Aside from this, its mostly just a preference on my part.

Side note: Home Assistant will reconnect to all the devices whenever it comes back online so while it would have to be on 24/7 for it to control all the devices, there is no penalty in terms of reconfiguration, if the HA instance is offline