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Love this entire perspective on ML and AI lacking the human component. Let's face it - AI is not human, nor will it ever be. That is, of course, unless I myself happen to be a bot programmed to be unaware of the fact that it is one. At the moment I see and hear lot of grandiose speculation going around on the superpower of ML and AI - most of which seems less anecdotal than it is coming from a trickle of reporting regarding the ChatGPT service and the experience a handful of individuals have had thus far. The tube has great reach these days. The implications coming from the chatter far outweigh the actual capability of the OpenAI service and unsurprisingly are very human in both pessimism and optimism regarding its potential. I won't deny the awesomeness and power of ML in its current and potential state, but for now I see most of the compute spend heading in an automation direction (mundane taskery) and actually surprised at the amount of hype increase when considering competent ML procedural work has been around for almost a decade now, if not longer.