Authored Comments

SparkyLinux! It is pretty much DEBIAN, but optimized towards usage as a desktop system. For instance, and besides in general having optimimzed some default settings to better serve as a desktop OS, it provides easy installation of mayor apps from an app's upstream repository if this is by SparkyLinux confirmed for an app installation to not break the system. Like this, SparkyLinux overcomes the shortcomings of the Debian repository system, where well maintained mayor apps did not go for the intricacy of maintaining an oficial Debian package as an oficial Debian package maintainer, but prefer to well maintain it outside the Debian organisation. In principal you could search for, test and add all those repositories yourself to your apt sources files, but SparkyLinux did this already for you. The good thing is, that SparkyLinux is technically doing all this the Debian way, and not deviating from it like the Ubuntu forks, and forks thereof, do. SparkyLinux is technically a pure Debian system, but with relaxed ideological borders.