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As a technical writer and translator, I am working now at Ascensio System SIA, developer of the productivity solutions based in Latvia. All my time I try to spend with my son Andrew and daughter Ksu, and my husband. Open to new ideas. Optimistic by nature, I know for sure that all will be well.

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Hello Erez. Thank you for your comment. I have tried all of these tools to write this article. But you are right that the Collabora Online installation is not so easy. Even using Docker you need to install some dependencies, but I have used a VM with Nextcloud and Collabora preinstalled and it was quite simple. ONLYOFFICE is very easy to install if you use Docker. I use it every day. Notes is a great app for those who like me makes notes before writing an article. As for the Markdown Editor I use it just to preview tutorials written with markdown syntax.

As for my top list, I would include Docker - https://www.docker.com/ (it allows to promote the open source software around the world by simplifying the installation process) and OnlyOffice - http://onlyoffice.org/ as an alternative to "big brothers" like Google Docs and MS Office 365.