Nick Mathew

Authored Comments

Lately, I have been using email more like a notification system. Groups, mailing-lists, commit notices, social network notices far outnumber the messages sent directly to me. Communication happens directly through those systems. Be it Facebook, or GitHub. Even a phone call.

Email is a person's address in the virtual world. But the cost of sending a message on the internet is far less than in the real world, which is why we resort to 'email bankruptcy' or #noemail.

What we need is better tools and policies. Perhaps a better notification system. Why is it that every website needs your email address? People rarely ask for your address or phone in real life.
GMail's priority inbox is a good tool. Too bad it is proprietary.

KDE's <a href="">Social Desktop</a> is step in the right direction. I hope it can evolve to answer some of these questions.

I love the embedded MuseScore piece synchronized with YouTube. Oh! and imagine the possibilities of combining this with Open Goldberg Variations Project.

I don't need any more excuses to procrastinate!!! :)