Tesh Patel

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Raleigh, NC

Tesh has spent the past 25 years in various learning roles including facilitation, content development, program management, learning technologist, and consultant. Following 20+ years at IBM, he's spent the past 5 years at Red Hat. During his time at Red Hat, he has overseen the creation of a unified learning ecosystem to deliver training to all Red Hat employees--much of which is based on an open-source ethos. He drove the project to deploy an open-source learning management system to replace a proprietary platform. He subsequently led the team to develop and deploy an open-source learning experience platform (LXP) which remains in active development.

Tesh a native of England, now residing in North Carolina with his wife and 2 teenage children-- who through their patience, provide him with his main source of education. When not working Tesh is out cycling the trails or playing (and increasingly watching) soccer.

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