Thomas Crowe

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Atlanta, GA

Thomas Crowe is the Senior Architect for IT Modernization, and Red Hat OpenStack Platform (RHOSP) within Red Hat's Services and Solutions Management group. With 20 years crafting and refining complex IT infrastructures across every major Unix operating system, Thomas has the depth, breadth, and background to drive efficient IT modernization, and cloud enablement efforts. His experience in full-portfolio technologies including database, networking, storage, clustering, and cloud provides the understanding needed to lead the design, definition, and application of architecture, methodology, and tools for highly complex datacenter migration ,consolidation, and cloud enablement projects. Thomas has delivered solutions for clients across a variety of verticals including Healthcare, Telco, FinServ, Media, and Education.

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I completely agree with you that containers are a form of virtualization. Docker however does not equal containers. Docker simply orchestrates the already existing Linux features and functionality to simplify creating containers. Docker is a orchestration, not virtualization, utility. This is clouded somewhat by the creation and subsequent usage of libcontainer, that replaces Docker's use of LXC utilities. But the fact remains that everything that Docker "does" can be done manually, outside of Docker.