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Nice. I do wish you'd didn't a little more time exploring a few expected use case questions though. For example, you suggest you plug the node into the primary and unplug it. I infer with 90% confidence you're stingy that there after the nice need only be within Wi-Fi range of the primary to work, but what about within Wi-Fi range of another node? ie daisy chains? or spoked wheels? Can we install it on existing openwrt routers? What about about other WAPs and Wi-Fi range extenders already in place? Proprietary ones at, popular consumer brands? All interesting questions not least for Antin considering using existing equipment (rather then creating e-waste) and converting a network of WAPs and extenders.

Aargh, you think this website will sort editing comment? Nothing like typing one on a phone to find a pile text prediction issues missed on entry but unable to fix them.