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Great one Don,

It seems that rolling - the need for documentation and models to use these open source tools on - into one could be helpful as a path? Exploring parts of undocumented software might be a minefield of troubleshooting for a teacher but that would be the valuable lesson right?

I'm not sure what its like where you guys are teaching/have taught, but here I find it hard to see some of the teachers we had at school ever having the time/want/ability to be involved in an unstructured environment that is reminiscent of an artroom or makerspace. I on the other hand would love that.
Outsourcing this kind of mentoring to Coder Dojos like Robin suggested would be great idea, I wonder if outings to makerspaces and/or building those cultures/environments at the school/s themselves would be another. Something like lunchtime 'open sauce' :)

Anyway your article makes me hopeful for education institutions, thank you.

Kind Regards,