Thomas Svenson

Authored Comments

Thank you for such an insightful article Bob, it was a joy reading and overall we are definitely on the same page in regards to the opportunities our current societally systems around the world have missed. I live in Sweden and have no problem relate to many of the issue you bring to light, they are too obvious here to.

"Ten years ago, if I'd promoted open source software I'd be regarded as a dreamer or a boring evangelist."

We have for sure come far over the last 10 years and I feel comfortable predicting that the point-of-no-return for the Open Source-movement is safe, if not already passed. At least until something even better is thought out.

Still, it is important to remember that the understanding, respect and trust for open source is still only understood by a fraction of the world population. Yes, the movement is growing stronger at an accelerated pace and country after country are now adopting official positive positions towards it. Just that is another great sign things are moving in the right direction.

My own prediction is that in 10 years, when we look back to today, the development will have dwarfed the progress already made. The famous hockey stick graph will have happened as we by then also have learned code is the fruit of the open and borderless collaboration that is so central to why open source works.

At least for me the signs for that is everywhere already.

There are so many positive truths in this story that I lost count halfway through. The openness, the caring, the offering and forward thinking just to name a few.

For me, stories like this embodies where the open source movement is heading.

I'm looking at it right now...