W. Anderson

Authored Comments

There is no question that Drupal has continually evolved and improved in CMS capability to be more heuristic and adaptable in areas like accessibility.

However it is incorrect for Mike Gifford to state that " Drupal 7 was the most accessible open source content management system (CMS) available", or even for Drupal 8 today, as the Plone CMS/Portal has long had all of the accessibility features mentioned, comprehensive WAI and deep granularity of content workflows for several years.
The fact of an integral object oriented full function Application Server in Plone, to separately manage and control all aspects of workflow CMS logic ad direct integration with multiple external data sources/databases distinctly shows the benefits of Plone by comparison.

Unfortunately, many developers in the PHP/MySQL arena have a tendency to erroneously extrapolate any advantage of their product over other some-what similar PHP/MySQL CMS to all other Web development CMS - Portal platforms.

The article writer needs to better explain "exactly" what he means with statement "The only open source software which is remotely similar to InfiniSQL is MySQL Cluster." - particularly in regard to use of word "similar".

If he is referring to reliability and scalability of SQL database clusters, PostGreSQL is a world renown and regarded Free/Open Source Software (FOSS) RDBMS that has performed "record" transaction scalability, in documented reports from Yahoo, Fujitsu, NASA, Verisign, Netflix and many other enterprise entities. In certain controlled tests, PostGreSQL has recorded outperforming recent Oracle Database 11 in identical operations and workloads fora Fortune 100 Corporation.

Did the writer even "extensively" evaluate and test PostGreSQL against InfiniSQL and/or MySQL?

While such comparative evaluation project does not necessarily detract from any great features and value of InfiniSQL, it brings into question the overall "expert" technological judgment and know-how (or lack thereof) of the writer in such area of Clustered, Scalable RDBMS or any high end database technology.